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Our story 原音兄弟是新加坡的一家唱片公司,由新加坡創作人張暐弘及歌手邱鋒澤於2017年創辦,至今製作多首在YouTube破百萬點閱的單曲。現時旗下藝人有邱鋒澤原音兄弟集結音樂製作/企劃/活動執行/藝人經紀/ 社群 / 新聞 / 娛樂 等各領域人才及資源。此網站內會有許多藝人巡演/活動出席預告,獨家相片,獨家新聞,第一手消息的商品,音樂連結等等,請大家持續鎖定原音兄弟的官網相關活動邀請/策劃/經紀事務洽詢/藝人招募/作品投稿都歡迎直接私訊或寄信聯絡我們

Reason Brothers is a record label that began in Singapore in 2017. It was created by artist Qiu Feng Ze and record producer Cheong Waii Hoong. By providing a one-stop destination to fulfil all your production needs, we house full spectrum of services that will benefit the novice to the most experienced creators. Keeping up with industry standards, our recording studios are musical playgrounds. Equipped with the most refined and sophisticated audio equipment and acoustics, you’ll soon find yourself inspired like never before. Built upon an unrivalled commitment to excellence, Leo Studio is fully dedicated to providing the most enjoyable, convenient and fulfilling experience.

Merchandise Shop F47. Passion Project founded by Qiu Feng Ze's dad. Creating high quality memorabilia pieces

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Equipped with an array of high fidelity audio equipment, we heighten your audiophilic senses to produce the finest sounds in the industry. First SSL Flagship Duality Mixing Console in a commercial studio within Singapore Protools HDX System Excellent Acoustics designed by studio designer, Frank Lee Inspiring Environment designed by interior designer, Thomas Ng of ShuBox.

  • Entirely made in Naples, Italy
  • Natural smooth calf, origin Italy
  • Full Grain Leather
  • Suede, Origin Italy
  • Lining leather and cotton
  • Size: 35x28x11cm/13.8 x11x 4.3 inch
  • Weight: 0.8 kg

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