Frequently Asked Questions

Order Information 訂單資訊

What Postal Services do you use 您使用什麼快遞服務?

Local orders will be courier services.
For all overseas orders, it will be registered mail via SingPost for value above S$200.
新加坡國內訂單為快遞服務。其他海外訂單,將通過新加坡郵政掛號信寄出。 (S$200以上)。

Can I make payment via PayNow 我可以通過 PayNow 付款嗎?
For local orders who would like to make Payment via PayNow, do drop us a message on our Instagram
對於希望通過 PayNow 付款的新加坡國內訂單,請在我們的 Instagram 上給我們留言
I ordered the wrong item, Can I exchange it 我訂購了錯誤的商品,請問可以換貨嗎?

All orders are final. Exchanges can only be done if you received wrong or defective item. 所有訂單均為最終訂單。只有在您收到錯誤或有瑕疵的商品時才能申請換貨。

I am having trouble with my order. How do I get in contact 若我的訂單有問題。要如何取和您得聯繫?  

You may either message us directly on Instagram or Fill up the contact form

您可以直接在 Instagram 上私訊我們或填寫聯繫表格

How long is the delivery time 請問出貨時間大約多長?

3-5 working days for local orders and 5-10 working days for overseas orders .
subject to prevailing flight conditions. 新加坡國內訂單約3-5個工作日,海外訂單約5-10個工 作日(視當時的飛行條件而訂)  

Recording Studio Enquiries 錄音棚查詢

I would like to make a booking. How do I go about doing so 若我有興趣想要預訂,請問該怎麼做呢??

You may Whatsapp our studio manager Sarah at 9666 4465 or fill up the contact form

您可以 使用Whatsapp 聯繫我們的工作室經理 Sarah 9666 4465 或填寫聯繫表格

What other studio equipment do you have 你還有什麼其他的工作室設備?

We have a comprehensive list with hundreds of studio equipment. For the full list, do drop us an email. 


What are the charges for booking 請問預訂費用是多少?

For prices, please fill up the contact form and we will get back to you soon. Prices vary depending on number of hours, packages or any additional services required.

有關價格,請填寫聯繫表格,我們會盡快回复您。價格取決於租借小時數, 或所需的附加服務。

Can I film myself at the studio 請問可以在工作室內拍攝嗎?

You are welcome to film in the studio. 


Am I able to book the studio for jamming sessions 請問我可以預訂工作室進行即興演奏嗎?

Yes, do contact us for more information.