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FZ Silver Bracelet SERIES 2 (FZ 銀鋼手鍊 2) - 4 Types (04 - 07)

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Feng Ze Bracelet is carefully designed for everyday wear. Made from tarnish-free and high grade stainless steel. 

Feng Ze 手鍊專為日常佩戴而精心設計。由無銹和高級不銹鋼製成。

All bracelets come with 3 detachable charms symbolizing Feng Ze and a ball bead with F47 and Heart inprint. Comes with Toggle-Clasp for ease of putting on and removal.

所有手鍊均配有 3 個可拆卸的象徵鋒澤的吊飾 和一個球珠。配有 Toggle-Clasp,便於穿脫。

Chain type 01: FZ Classic Silver Chain
Chain type 02: FZ 2mm UT Silver Chain
Chain type 03: FZ Oval & Circle Silver Chain

Comes with 6 Sizes: XXS (16cm), XS (17cm), S (18cm), M (19cm) , L (20cm), XL (21cm)

鏈條類型 01:FZ 經典銀鍊
鏈條類型 02:FZ 2mm UT 銀鍊
鏈條類型 03:FZ 橢圓形和圓形銀鍊

有 6 種尺碼:XXS (16cm), XS (17cm), S (18cm), M (19cm) , L (20cm), XL (21cm)

Charm Emboss: 
F47 - Collaboration between Feng Ze and Dad
FENG ZE 1031 - Feng Ze's Birthday
Honey Jar - Celebration of Feng Me
龍 - Feng Ze's Zodiac

F47 - 鋒澤和爸爸的合作
FENG ZE 1031: 生日
蜂蜜罐 - 慶祝FENG ME